What we do ?

“Spa Soul” is proud of having been directly involved in the creation and development of one of the most renowned hotellier brands to date and offering inspiration and input to many more over the years. We have experience with membership clubs, day spas, hotel and resort spas as well as medical spas and offer to create brand concepts that seamlessly express and enhance your overall ideas for service and guest experience.

We pride ourselves on balancing wildly creative brainstorming with a focused attention to detail when creating spa concepts and spa brands, resulting in treatments, service and facility concepts and guest experiences that are creatively innovative, operationally sound and economically viable.

Scope of Services

Operating Services

Since 2009 we have designed, owned, managed and operated spas worldwide. We have turned non-performing spas around, tripling profits within a year and we have offered training to motivate staff to find their inner spark and deliver great service.

Consultancy & Management

Spa Soul follows a proven, risk management oriented, business planning methodology in evaluating a projects potential. This includes a thorough analysis of market characteristics, local competition and financial factors.

Architectural Design & Project Audit

Spa Soul will develop a Master Design Scheme including an overall floor plan and suggested furnishings layout for all areas based on your specific requirements.