Spa Consultancy Services

All projects ideally begin with a market study to determine the best type of spa services to offer to the targeted clientele. A feasibility study follows to determine the economics of implementing the ideal spa, based on the market and the client's objectives. A budget and a projected profit and loss (P&L) will be done. The budget will include: construction costs, furniture fixtures and equipment (F.F.&E.), and the start-up costs such as staff selection, staff training, marketing, product inventory and purchasing, the pre-opening and opening of the spa. The feasibility of doing the project will be presented along with a return on investment (ROI) projection.

The first step in any spa development, a thorough and objective study of the market, competition, costs, and revenue potential should be undertaken to set the proper parameters for your project. Every market and project has its own unique dynamics, so what's working in one part of the world may not be successful in another and it's important seek out those insights that can give your spa the edge it needs to fulfill its promise. Spa Soul is currently conducting these studies for clients worldwide.

Spa Soul follows a proven, risk management oriented, business planning methodology in evaluating a projects potential. This includes a thorough analysis of market characteristics, local competition and financial factors. These market and financial feasibility studies are essential to proper planning, project financing and overall successful development.